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Keyword Research, meta tags development, on page and off page long term optimization process, link building, article and video Marketing, web 2.0 techniques and social marketing promotions along with various analytics tracking services

internet marketing


On site and off sites links, do-follow or no-follow, forum profiles, education, government, high page rank and social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google plus and blog marketing through various links building techniques



Higher ranking in the search engine that would give a website targeted web traffic and priority during searched terms done by internet users, and will definitely increase the site’s visibility in a better targeted way to insure better conversions




A competitive search engine optimization – seo professionals services, complete search engine marketing packages and link building services to increase targeted seo web traffic to any online business and in any niche that help websites, blogs or e-commerce stores owners to gain higher ranking, better positioning in the search engines results pages (serp), and backend marketing strategies to increase sales funnels conversions along with providing the proper knowledge about their online business websites pages content in reference to the guidelines that search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing implement.

seo processINNOVATION

We process and regulate keyword research techniques in the analysis and discovery stage of seo or pay per click campaigns, that assists us in discovering the concept of your company and brand, its products and services.

Whilst we take stock of a website, its content, the products and services it hosts, we also conclude raw keyword research, buyers keywords searches volume, what the target audiences want and also who wants to be conversant about the website.


Once learning what makes you different from other competitive websites or online business, we generate our surefire list of relevant, profitable search terms and related search phrases and terms (LSI – latent semantic indexing)

We even follow implementing the keywords or related search terms phrases your website uses while adding newly found and better targeted keywords that are proven effective in driving web traffic target audiences.

seo effectivenessEFFECTIVENESS

We implement effective keyword research technique and information to sort the websites content pages keywords individually.

We  then undertake the trivial search terms list and implement our intensive keyword analysis thereby taking the projected search volume, global and locals buyers keywords search volume, history and current trends, content relevancy, saturation etc. and rank them as per the relevant process which lets us weed out all the keywords that are not bring in traffic.





Content syndication technique is the one of the most effective and advanced seo strategies not only to achieve better ranking or improving organic positions in search engine results pages for given website but it’s an integral part of authority building and reputation management of any online business.

However, when it comes to website features, although considering the products or services it hosts, it’s market value, or reputation and testimonials, all in all, it is largely the content of a website that enables visitors or target audiences to find the site via their implemented searches, and only then to navigate to and through the website.

Whether it is seo, article or video marketing, blog marketing or links building techniques, search engines optimized website content should always be prioritized first as this is what determine the websites authority, and one of the main factors that will influence or not the search engines ranking. Attractive and relevant seo unique, interesting and engaging websites content has the power to provide keyword based ranking benefits, higher search engines positioning, and effective promotion in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

At NetCom’s, we initiate this process by strictly focusing on keyword research and analysis for website content. This includes contextual targeted profitable keywords and contextual related search terms phrases (LSI keywords) that can build increasing web traffic, websites authority while driving target audiences, building communities and interested web visitors to a website.




Anchor text naming is another proven links building technique. Since the anchor is the unique text that helps in opening a webpage through hyperlinks. The anchor text pertinent to internal linking serve a vital role in upgrading website ranking, users engagement or visibility, thereby driving your website targeted web traffic and new audiences.

In other words, anchor text stands out by hyper linking your target keywords or search phrases to the sites inner pages content that aids in achieving higher ranking in major search engines results pages.

If you want to have dense keyword coverage, you need to have diverse contextual links options and to obtain the most viable results. NetCom’s seo professionals includes multiple contextual anchor links, so that an iterative pattern of linking not only can be easily found by search engines, it also improve content readability, engages visitors and increase their interest in navigating through websites. This has ubiquitously become rather vital because of recent algorithm updates as developed by major search engines.




Content is great to achieve web traffic but articles marketing and syndication with seo unique content contextual keywords links is better.

Articles syndication and marketing with relevant contextual keywords links that leads to the target website, and seo unique content about a website is still a good way of increasing blogs or websites authority and targeted web traffic in any niche. And articles content syndication is actually an integral part of our search engine marketing solution and one which you will find most useful to your business growth.


Video marketing is well known as one of the best ways of increasing websites audiences as well as targeted web traffic.

NetCom specialized in video creation and video marketing and syndication which includes creating 60 seconds and up to ten minutes promotional or tutorials videos using various editing softwares features such as scribing. Then we upload the videos to previously created search engine optimized video channels pages on high trafficked video sharing sites, and to video directories linking back to the website.


Social media marketing is a powerful marketing strategy of promoting a website, product or brand by syndicating its content through out social media channels such as Facebook, Google plus, Twitter or Linkedin.

Social media marketing involves the process of interacting and recruiting new members or visitors to your website by building trusted relationship, interacting with them on a genuine and personal level, and in return they will viral spread the sales marketing message to their followers, stick and buy what a websites offering.

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    Kelly White - CNA Training
  • NetCom’s team showed excellent knowledge and understanding about our sites past Seo work and have customized a plan based on our goals. They are professionals and more customer centric than any other Seo firm I have ever worked with in the past.

    x Factor The Seo Guy
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    Tom Kross TomKross LLC.
  • There are still SEO experts out there that you can count on to deliver a lot more than what they have been paid for.
    Due to previous and bad experience, I was very skeptical about buying web traffic packages, but as i needed more visitors to my ClickBank product website, after reading through out their website, I have decided to try NetCom Marketing contact page and have asked about their web traffic packages, ..As promised they over delivered, and surprisingly within a week after completion, i started to see a significant increase of the traffic coming to my site and more, this was very targeted visitors traffic so for the first time since i have launch the site, i have made more than 50 sales in a matter of days.
    I just had to tell the story, and yes, there are still people out there that you can count on to deliver a lot more than what they have been paid for.

    Garry - NYC, United States




A detailed projects seo report (other than the regular email updates) with full and completely verifiable details of all the promotional activities done during the month.

We have completed detailed seo professionals services and web traffic packages to choose from across our website.

We deliver results and let you know EXACTLY what you are getting for your investment in our seo professionals services!


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