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Plugin Alchemy – Magnify WordPress

We are Internet Marketing Alchemists, Experienced Seo’rs, Web Designers & Professionals WordPress Developers, and As Such, We Compose Code that Transform Leaden into Gold.


WordPress plugins that serve specifics online marketing, social media and web traffic techniques, email and affiliate marketing strategies


Our powerful plugins will interact with any updated WordPress version, easy to install,  to license, highly customizable and poetically coded


Interactive and users friendly dashboard to customize designs options on the fly, while users controls full features professional editors


Complete marketing strategy and detailed stats for any of the plugins features, letting users to improve sales funnels and conversions


Quick reference guide and a step by step video tutorials on how to license, set up, configure and get the most out of our alchemicals plugins


Plugin Alchemy for WordPress are used by bloggers on top rated websites, and by leaders in the social, affiliate and internet marketing arena

Art of Transformation

Alchemical WordPress Plugins Development
is Really a Layered Exercise

Plugin Functionalities – Magnify WordPress

We Code and Develop WordPress Plugins that Transforms
Your Idea Into Reality and Craft Digital Experiences


Advanced plugin dashboard interface, intuitive user experience that guides users throughout each and every settings steps for best performances


Collect leads inside of WordPress, export them to CSV, and have them automatically opted in to any auto-responder services providers


Full features professional affiliate management dashboard, and the ability to virtually integrate with most of affiliates networks


Complex PayPal, Shopping carts or any payment platforms integrations, and the option to choose to offer any affiliates commissions settings


Viral marketing API integrations strategies. Complex sharing options for Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more


WP plugins and themes will scale to fit any web browsers resolution pages. Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads or Facebook fan page iframe

Creativity at its Best!

Great Performances Comes with Understanding the Paradigm of Marketing
and Targets Transmutation

Our passion to meet challenges drives us to develop advanced, creative and highly differentiated software, themes and apps

About PluginAlchemy

Tailor-Made WordPress Alchemy Plugins Applications Solutions 

Custom Development Services’

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content and Video Syndication
  • Social Networks Viral Marketing
    • Website Traffic
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • List Building Techniques
    • eMail Marketing Strategies

Agile, Proactive, Result-Driven, Bringing the Best
 to Our Clients

..and What They Say?..

  • The Alchemist showed good understanding, vast knowledge and identified the missing factors in our marketing strategy, then he planned and created unique wordpress plugin based on that strategy and our goals.

    Jane Bourstein CEO Jane Bourstein LLC.
  • They are professional internet marketers, web designers and plugins developers, and more customer centric than any other firm I have ever worked with in the past.

    Joe LaRoche LaRoche LLC.
  • They are truly spreading lights around their clients, and they are definitely bringing an incredible marketing value into the equation ...if they accept to code for you.

    Robert J. Barclay CEO Barclay LLC.
  • At start, it was quite difficult to get their internet marketings visions or online business approaches using custom built strategic plugins. Once developed and installed, their Wordpress plugins never failed to deliver and bring in an increased profits to all our customers.

    Sean Flanzer CEO Sean Flanzer LLC.
  • Alchemy core development and marketing approaches rocks, and these guys master the art of transformation by taking an immature mobile application idea to the final stages where its installed on millions of mobile phones.

    Ron Davis Davis LLC.

Why Choose Us?..

We Are..

..a team of internet marketing alchemists, committed strategists, search engine optimization pros, web designers and wordpress geeks developers.

Over the past years we’ve honed our wordpress plugins development process to successfully serve multiple marketing targets, ..and we’ve shipped complex, intuitively designed and customized wp plugins projects involving various online marketing techniques, and all within project budget and timeline.


Here is a brief breakdown of our expertises introduced into our wordpress plugins development process.

  • Viral Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Marketing strategies
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Lead generators pages creation
  • Mobile application development
  • eMail Marketing and list building

‘Art of Transformation

Alchemy principlas and approaches are deeply involved in our WordPress plugins research and development process, and mean to cause the ultimate marketing alchemical reaction which presents a paradigm of transmutation, from the gross to the subtle, from the raw to the cooked, ..transforming leaden into gold.

Plugin Developement Process

Plugin Alchemy – Magnify WordPress


Project Analysis and Research

In the analysis and research phase we will conduct structured brief interview on the research background and mutually summaries your expected goal from the wordpress plugin.

The first objective of the interviews is to captured your business practices and how to seamlessly integrate the plugins functions within your lead generators systems or sales funnels.

The second objective which is to explore functions similarities and or differences which may occur in the development processes leads us to learn about the flow of plugins processes, it’s activities, roles, challenges and responsibilities in the plugin processes.


Here is a brief breakdown of our expertises introduced into our wordpress plugins development process.

WordPress Plugin Concept

WordPress plugins concept is of complex nature and many disciplines involved in the development process starting with evaluation the plugin purpose, followed by the niche market analysis and the appropriate marketing research, choosing a user friendly, intuitive plugin dashboard design, code composing and enhancement to suits exactly the clients final plugin purpose, ..and our determination to be successful.

Plugins concept should clearly describe the application concentrating on the administrators abilities, while focusing on the intuitive actions flow to create the desired visitors responses and reactions initiated by the administrators.


Plugin Development Road Map

Here is a little break down of the road map for wordpress plugin project:

    • Interface and User Experience: Deeply thought and highly intuitive user interface to allow maximum flexibility of user experience along with custom options panel to fully control the plugin features and settings.
    • Design Phase: Where we finalize upon a front-end and back-end design and preparing the plugins design mockups.
    • Initial Phase: We create database and initial logic on how things would work and create files accordingly.
    • Core Development Phase: Starting with the core development of the plugin. We code all the features mentioned in the plugin specifications and get the plugin ready for demo.

Retouch and Demo Version
The retouch and the demo plugin version phase is a phase where we would send you the demo version of the plugin to test on your website, and get your feedback once we’re done with Core Development.

This essential phase ensures we’re on the right direction and after verification of all plugins features and functions, we can list the changes needed (if any) which are most probably small changes, including some bug fixes which would move our project to Final Delivery Phase.


Finalize and Test
The finalizing stage is divided into two main phases.

Finalizing: After receiving your feedback, we would make the necessary changes according to your feedback in the demo phase and get the plugin ready for the final delivery.

Testing and Bug Fix: We would run a couple of tests to check conflicts with other plugins and if the plugin is robust enough. The test would be done on different versions of WordPress, Browsers and Screen Resolutions, and making the necessary changes if we find any issues.


The Package Phase is where we would install the final version of the plugin on your website and ensure that you are familiar with all its features and functions so you will be able to make the most of your alchemy wordpress plugin.

  • Quick Start Guide: You will get a quick references pdf documents guide to get you started fast using your newly created wordpress plugin, where you will be shown on how to set up the plugin for maximizing its results.
  • Members Only Dashboard: Full step by step wordpress tutorials video training.
  • Members Only Bonus: You will also get our wordpress six plugins package to suite your business marketing goals.
  • Support: One month free phone, Skype or email support and up to 60 day future wordpress updates.

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