Seo best practices are the greatest opportunities and challenges search engine optimization for seo’s professionals, especially if involved in an already ranked website.

Seo specialists with the proper knowledge about the guidelines and ranking algorithms that search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing implement, get a chance alongside the web development team to be involved and influence the site’s design, logic of navigation and sites structure, the pages and posts information architecture and the keywords targeting strategy, which will actually result in much more efficient and consistent seo process down the road.





Websites information architecture influences page grid design, navigation, linking items, sales funnel tools and the connection between the website’s purpose and its categories, pages and links structure, and it one of the most important factors on seo professionals planing and work.

Since the website’s purpose will be the basis of its structure, if the website is intended to be an online e-commerce store shopping platform, then access to products in general and to leading products specifically should be intuitive, comfortable and obvious. On the other hand, if the website’s purpose is to create contacts with potential clients, than the lead generators features should be at the heart of the website.

After the website’s goal has been defined, its information architecture should be considered. In other words, this is the manner in which the website’s goal will be expressed in its structure.

The most important recommendation at this stage is creating a hierarchy which is as flat as possible. This means that we should create a website in which it is possible to reach each page with a minimum clicks as possible, which also helps the search engine to scroll each category or page relatively easily.




Primary search strings through which the website owner wishes to draw website traffic from search engines, Since search engine optimization is a process affected by recognition of relevant keywords that carries decent searches volume for a website and its pages. Jerusalem’s tourism portal, for example, will not necessary reap any benefits from its pages ranking higher in the search engines results pages for keyword strings such as “mortgage for houses”.

Seo keywords strategy determines, through a comprehensive keyword, phrases and latent semantic indexing (LSI) related keywords re-search, what words are frequently used by surfers when searching for the type of content we are promoting, hence what are the important keywords or relevant search strings for fulfilling the given website’s goal.

After the important main keywords have been identified, seo keyword strategy details a way of promoting specific target sites pages, categories and content for search strings found in the first research stage.

After establishing the sites and goals seo keyword strategy, it is possible to deal with the different textual elements of specific products, services or sites pages.




on_site_seoOn site internal linking, search engine optimization process is very important and every website owner must give first priority to this from the time of developing the website.

Find the most important things that you must take care while building a website below. If you are implementing these steps in the right way, the pages will be indexed soon and half of your on-page seo jobs will be over.

If you have the basic programming, seo and internet marketing knowledge, you can get it done without the help of any seo expert. All these steps are very simple to implement – but remember – these are necessary.

  • Domain name – Do Not make it your primary keyword or at least a variation of it.
  • Title text – Each of your web pages should have an appropriate title which should always include your primary related keyword for which the page is optimized.
  • Meta information – Should be seriously given (description, keywords etc.).
  • Header Tags – Usage of header tags should be given properly. i.e. <H1>, <H2> tags.
  • The primary text/page headline and the secondary headlines.
  • Text formatting – Use bold, italics, underline etc. appropriately.
  • Alt text – Don’t forget to title the sites images, use the sites keywords as the alt attribute of image tags.
  • Keywords – Never write content just for for the search engines, so try to maintain the number of repeating keywords in the reasonable limits
  • Website content – Remember that sites content should be users friendly, readable, interesting and engaging.




Listing the website in directories and in important sites which are contextually related to it is a crucial seo factor in order to build sites niches authority, to improve search engines rankings and better positioning in central keyword strings.

After the website has been planned and developed, and after search engines optimized unique and relevant content has been posted on it, the time comes to ensure that other sites will establish links to the given website. The first step in off-page external linking is listing the website in important, popular and authoritative directories such as Yahoo Directory,, Dmoz and others choosing the most relevant category.

Seo professionals should pay attention to the keywords which are linked, and of the optimized website title and description, and use wording in light of seo keywords strategy. Another means which is just as important for creating off-site link popularity is adding links from sites which are contextually related, meaning, from sites which deal with the same topic as the given website, same niche or a similar topics having the same keywords.

Link popularity is one of the most important factors in determining the website’s ranking for competitive keyword strings, and therefore we should establish as many links as possible from appropriate sites, while avoiding using unrelated sites, link farms or sites containing spam.



Web Design – Software Development – E-Commerce – Social Advertising


The usability report aims to make the best out of a given website in terms of user experience & appliance with issues that are crucial for seo. It provides clients with specific recommendations as to what should be done in order to attract more users, get a lower bounce rate and a better user experience. The report is more search engine marketing oriented and has proven to improve conversions on any given website.


Technical seo – On site optimization is similar to setting up the background for a successful search engine optimization campaign.

On site optimization is letting the search engines know what your site is all about. It includes activity on three important levels: Websites structure and Navigation, Code enhancement and Content enhancement.


Off site optimization is the ongoing process of building an broad, quality number of incoming links to a given website and it includes the following activity:

Hand submissions to worldwide search engines and directories appropriate categories using optimized title, descriptions and keywords tags. Registrations in major local directories and related niche sites, submissions to social networks and bookmarking sites.


Mapping websites and matching search strings to landing pages. Creating the right landing pages for targeted keyword group is mostly important because it combines both logic and sense to the user, and optimized for the search engines. Optimized and targeted landing pages that are well written have a potential of converting better than other irrelevant pages or even the homepage


Goals and Conversions Tracking meant to define websites goals, preparing the actual setup and implementation on the site for better conversions. Google Analytics to track and analyze websites data and monitor users behavior on a given websites page. Google webmaster tools; List a website on Google webmaster tools site to follow errors and update requests. We also create an XML sitemap and ping to all major search engines for fast indexing.


Handling of articles content: writing, optimization, submissions and content distribution, and managing an incoming links campaign to a given site from authority blogs, edu, and high page rank sites.

Viral web activity in related blogs and social communities. Social networks managment on Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin and Facebook. Syndicating content to authorities web 2.0 properties. Video creation and syndication to video sharing sites.



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