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A convenient developed website where everything is in place and intuitively at a reach of hand. Build with the highest degree of online marketing understanding, convenience of navigation, information architecture and search engines optimized structure


Non-conventional, unique, attractive and customer centric appealing website, using the latest web design tendencies that is well coupled with the corporate style of products, sites information or the company brand that will definitely stick in memories of visitors


Control panel and affiliate management software offering products promotion for a commission. Custom build marketing centric lead generators and sales funnels entry pages, email marketing, social marketing and content syndication WordPress plugins

Probably almost each entity undergoing the stage of web development thinks of developing a corporate website. A professionally developed and successful corporate website is an online tool to yield additional profit for your company, a flexible web based tool that allows to attract additional attention to its activities and services not only on the market of a certain city, but the country or the world in a whole as the Internet is an informational medium without any limits.

It is not enough to simply develop a website. You need a flexible marketing tool meeting all the seo requirements and sales funnels of the modern market, i.e. dynamism, flexibility, simplicity, convenience of control, web design and intuitive sites navigation leading to specifics call to actions, that is what the website development marketing tool we offer to you is like.

NetCom’s team also specialize in web design and search engine optimized WordPress blogs, e-commerce online stores, WordPress plugins, affiliate management software development as an important marketing tool. We develop high tech websites with a vision and with the purpose of yielding commercial benefit for their owners and performing the tasks assigned to them.







NetCom’s web development and web design services are impeccable and are proven overall in the industry. Whether you want to drive your target audience or want to have the best innovation in your websites, NetCom serves as your provider for everything that you need in a website.

Our web development and internet marketing professionals have knowledge and experienced enough to understand your business requirements, and to provide you the most cost effective website, personal blog, e-store or any online business model with impeccably catchy web design and intuitive navigation tools to stand out in this realm with good recognition, and a well designed marketing strategy behind which includes lead captures pages or widgets, social marketing features, content syndication abilities, management software and even custom WordPress plugins.

We, as professional internet marketers, developers and web designers spend a great deal of time hearing your goals, analyzing your business, concluding it’s aims and devising relevant internet marketing strategies and the best suitable sites design for your business. All in all, being a top notch web development seo company, we also have the best caliber and technology to provide you with the best high tech developed software to manage the business.




Modern web development technologies leads us to include attractive and stellar functionality into your web applications. A web application is many more steps ahead than just a website – an application manages automatic online business responsibilities like matching customers with their buys, carrying out membership sits or e-commerce online stores related activities, introducing relevant search engine optimized unique content to specific websites users groups and so on.

Employing the web application as your website, you let the technology do the toilsome work releasing you to focus on your existing online business efficiently. All in all, you will get the complete spectrum of elements, enabling your high tech developed website to become a success. Your website design will be impeccably implemented to be search engines and users friendly, getting mixed the elements with the marketing aspects of the website into a fundamental whole.

We offer our clients a full range of services, from creation of a project, the corporate style and up to promotion of the site in the Internet, it’s social networks advertising and technical support, and during our working relationship, you will receive an irreplaceable marketing tool for promotion of your goods or services to the world market. We, in turn, receive aesthetic pleasure from the dialogue with clients.



The basic features that are included with nearly every website or blog we develop.

These website features are included wherever applicable, providing they are compatible with your web host and current versions of any software being used on your site, and providing the necessary information has been provided.

These are available for websites which are installed using WordPress platform – which is what we recommend for almost all of our clients.


Your website comes with a professional admin area, and a central control area known as a dashboard.

This is your “back office” where you can make changes, adjust settings, and administer your site.

Once the setup of your site is complete, we will give you login information so that you can enter your dashboard area whenever you need to in order to update or modify your site.


The theme of your site is its overall design, general layout, coloring, look and feel.

You will be able to choose from numerous themes for your site, or you can let us choose the theme we think is best to present your niche website.

For some premium themes or custom built theme, an additional fee may apply.


Your blog will be set up with a full subscription service so that your visitors can choose to be notified whenever you post on your blog.

They can choose to be notified by email, or by RSS (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication).


If you are using a third party autoresponder, your blog will be connected to your auto responder service so that you can use that service to send out promotional email and automatically add new subscribers to your lists.


A backup file of your website or blog’s content and database can be automatically set up to be sent to you regularly by email.


SEO WordPress Plugin allow to optimize your wordpress blog for better search engine optimization and indexing.

We will optimize your website meta tags – title, description and meta target keywords. The plugin will automatically do the same for each page and post of your site.


WPSocial WordPress Plugin allow you and your sites visitors to syndicate your sites content through out social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google plus.


When a visitor comment on one of your blog posts, this feature allows them to subscribe to be informed by email whenever a new comment is made on that post.

If you are using a third party autoresponder, whenever a new commenter subscribes to get notified of new comments or updates, they will be automatically added to your auto responders list.

You will have the option to moderate all comments that are left on your website using WordPress integrated comments moderation system. This means that when a visitor leaves a comment, you can chose to approve or disapprove it before it is published.

We will also install another WordPress plugin to fight spam comments.


Your site will be programmed to detect spam comments and protect you from them. You will have the option to view these comments if you like, in order to verify that they are spam. (Usually spam comments are marked accordingly by your site, but occasionally a valid comment is labeled as spam, in which case you will have the option to manually approve it for posting.)


Your site will be set up to generate and automatically update its own sitemap. Your sitemap will be submitted to Google and Bing so that your pages can be found and easily indexed in by Google and Bing Search Engines.


When one of your posts contains a broken link – a link which leads nowhere, which can occur due to typographical errors or because the page that the link leads to has moved, you will be notified of this on your dashboard. Any time you log on, you will be able to see any broken links and repair them rapidly and easily.


Your site will be tracked by popular and well-established web analytics and analysis tools, along with Google webmaster analytics tools so that you can see how much traffic you are getting, where your traffic is coming from, what keywords makes it come in and more detailed information.


A floating social button bar and at the bottom of each blog post, a small button or group of buttons will appear allows your visitors to easily share your content with others, by email or by using leading social networks such as Google plus, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin among others.


Allows you to have your blog automatically post a link to new entries on your Facebook account whenever you add a new post.


OptinFormPro WordPress Plugin allow to place auto responder optin forms and video forms anywhere you choose on your wordpress blog site, in-post, below post or in the sidebar.


WPEverLead WordPress Plugin allow to build as many optin lead captures generator pages using content and video together enticing visitors to subscribe to your email list while being able to redirect them into your sales funnels.


Alchemy WordPress Plugins package are our secret custom developed or modified WordPress plugins package that we are adding to any website built by us to suit your online business requirements.


If needed, we can create a Privacy Policy and/or Disclaimer page for your site. This does not constitute legal advice and is used at your own discretion.

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Non-conventional, unique, attractive and customer centric appealing website using the latest web design tendencies well coupled with the corporate style of a brand or the company and that will definitely stick in memories of visitors


WordPress plugins that serve specifics online marketing purposes, social traffic or email marketing strategies with powerful integrations while every line of code crafted to perfection and optimized for super performances.


NetCom’s e-commerce online stores creations makes it easy for you to start selling online. Easily add your products & collections or to update your online store, integrate with any shopping cart and keep 100% of your profits.


We take pride of our dedicated and caring support and you will get 1 month free email support and updates for your custom developed website.

After your website, blog, membership site or e-commerce online store is set up, you may have questions or need advice about how to perform different tasks within your admin panel or regarding the appropriate online marketing plan.

We offer one month free of charge online, email or by phone support and free membership to our online training center which covers everything you’ll ever need to know about starting from basics search engine optimization and online marketing strategies and up to basic web design and sales funnel techniques.

If you will host the website with us (optional) you will have email support as long as your website is hosted by us.

Feel free to check our 3 pages WordPress website development offer including premium theme, home page, lead generation page, full blog setup, contact page plus any website policies pages such as disclaimer and terms of services that you provide us.

..or contact us with any questions you have and we will do everything we can to assist you.

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