What Is SEO - Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the ways and means through which volume of web traffic is increased to a particular website. Web traffic here means the number of visitors who visit a website.

A professional SEO services provider will make sure a website be listed in the first 1 to 10 search results on google first listings page for your websites target keywords.

It is a known factor that the higher position you hold in the search engine results pages for your sites search strings, the more number of visitors will visit your website, which may result in increased sales leads.

Since the people specifically come in search of the information, products or services that are dealt by you, converting them to be your potential customers would be relatively easy for you, thus your overall sales picture will grow, and your visibility grows wider.

How long does it take to get to Google's 1st. page?

It depends on the keyword strength and other important seo factors such as the value of the links pointing to your website, websites information architecture, links structure or niche market competition.

No one can guarantee Google first page listing, however, NetCom’s SEO experts can and will do their best to list your website in the search engine first page within 6 – 9 months.

Do I Need SEO?

The straight answer is Yes, whether you are into information products online business, e-commerce online store or whether you have a shop in a particular locality, through professionals seo services, the scope for growth of your business through the internet is tremendous.

Is SEO Services Expensive?

Compared to traditional advertising costs, seo services are not expensive at all.

Professional seo services costs only a portion of the traditional advertising methods. Even though the time taken for positioning your website in google first page takes a lot of planing, optimization work and time, in the long run, your website, blog or e-commerce online business benefit accruing from seo services is enormous.

How Do I Know Which Keywords Are the Best to Target?

Selecting and choosing the right keywords can definitely determines the success of a website.

Although seo experts have their own keyword research tools, if you would like to test keyword research for yourself, there is a tool provided by Google – Keywords tool, which lets you know and choose keywords for search engine websites optimization.

How do I know if seo worked?

Seo experts will send regular monthly progress reports with the keyword positioning in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines for every page of a given website.

Apart from this, NetCom will setup a Google webmaster account to help you understand the progress being made. Also, you can always keep track of the website traffic using Google Analytics tool.

What Is Keyword Density?

Post Google recent updates started at 2012, keyword density is not so important as it used to be, but we used to explain keyword density as the following: The number of times a specific keyword appears in a given page or content is termed as keyword density.

One to two keywords were allowed for 100 words. For example, if the number of keywords is 5 in 400-word content, then it will be accepted, but the number of appearance exceeds 7 in 400-word content, then the search engines did consider it as a spam. That said, the most important factor is not keyword density but content readability, so just make sure your website content is unique, informative and humanly readable.

Why Doesn't My Website Ranks Well in the Search Engines Results Pages?

This could be because of many reasons and we will list a few:

  • Poor on-page SEO. Website content isn’t optimized, meta tags, websites pages, categories and links structure etc.
  • Poor off-page SEO. No quality or enough back links pointing to the site.
  • Unnecessary and irrelevant back links. This may also cause search engines penaliation.
  • Poor content and or no search engine optimized unique content updates.
  • Excessive use of keywords, over optimization..

..and the list goes on.   Let us analyze your website to understand it better. Please click here to submit your website web address link and up to three keywords for free SEO analysis, and our SEO experts will respond with a detailed SEO analysis report.

Can You Guarantee Google's First Page Listings?

No, we can not and no one can, but please check google first page placement screenshots of our clients to know about our ability to place websites in the first page results page listings of Google.

What is Black-Hat SEO?

Unethical and unacceptable seo methodology followed to generate traffic to a website is known as black-hat seo.

Search engines will penalize and remove the website from their search results listings pages if they come to know that black-hat seo techniques had been employed. NetCom marketing inc., in seo optimization process follow only white-hat seo techniques which are genuine optimization methods accepted by and according to the search engines strict guidelines.

Is Matching Keyword Domain Name Mandatory In SEO?

Post Google recent updates started at 2012, search engines will not crawl quickly when domain name and keywords used for search are matched as they use to do, in fact it may even harm websites ranking and positioning.

Can Google Read Flash Websites?

Yes, but not very well like html or php pages, also it not easy to keep only Flash content websites updated on a regular basis.

Does Every Page on My Site Needs to Be Optimized?

It is not mandatory, however, the more number of pages gets optimized, the better chances to get higher ranking and better search engines positioning.

In The Long Run, How Do I Get Enough or More Visitors to My Site?

Optimizing more keywords and building links consistenly will results in holding a strong position in the first page of Google and will generate enough website traffic in the long run.

My Website Shows Up In the Search Results But Not In the Keywords I Want or Need..?

This means you have not done enough or professionals seo work on your target keywords, or that the work hasn’t been done accordingly.

You should make the search engine spiders crawl the keywords for which you wish to bring in search results web traffic.

What Are the Payments Options for NetCom's SEO Professionals Services?

You can pay online with PayPal using Credit Cards secure payment to choose from NetCom’s professionals search engine optimization, internet marketing services, web traffic plans, link building packages. For private consultation and customized marketing strategy please contact us.

Why Should I Sign Up With NetCom's Optimization or Marketing Services?

Professionalism, fantastic and caring support, affordable cost and guaranteed results makes our SEO professionals services very special in the world of countless search engine optimization services providers.

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