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Do you know that a large percentage of the whole business happening on the world wide web is coming from search engine results pages (serp), ..and especially post search engines recent updates, link building services or quality linking are vital to achieve higher ranking and to the success of any online business websites.

If we are targeting a particular keyword for an online business, its success depends on the search engine ranking improvement, and always search engine rank placement of a website, directly proportional to it’s back-links.

So, If you don’t, then it is about time that you know everything there is to know about back linking techniques if you plan on being at the top spot of the major search engine results pages.









Quality back-links that target keywords is very important factor to an effective seo campaign and successful internet marketing strategies.

For instance, if your internet marketing strategy contains content syndication or the creation of web 2.0 properties, writing, syndicating and optimizing unique quality content without anchor text link in the article, or not having an optimized resource box with keyword targeted seo anchor texts links upon syndication, then your efforts are useless and does not serve any seo purposes.

Moreover, even if your website contain some of the best information and fun articles that would make anyone bookmark your site, but what if they cannot find it? All these reasons are true and not just pulling your legs or scaring you to avail of quality links building services, but one that you ought to look into really deep.


The important of link building professionals services for the sake of arguments. Think about it, if you want information where do you go first to find everything you need whether it is about a person, place, website, product and everything? Where else but the search engines results pages (SERP)?

Every search terms and listings results that comes out of these searches are due to the links or ‘off page’ back links that connects them to the SERP via the keywords or keyword phrase that they use for people to find them.

Consider the links as your map, GPS or tour guide for everyone to get to you from all around the web. So by this time, you have probably understand how important is linking to your business. Now the next question is how important are links building services to your ultimate online business victory.





If you can achieve higher search engines results pages positions, there is no doubt that you will get increasing volume of quality targeted web traffic which definitely leads to more views, readership, growing community and of course sales conversions and hence more money.

That’ exactly the reason why NetCom’s seo professionals always run behind high page rank coming from authority sites providing quality back links and of course, and the number of such links too.

Without tested, effective, continuos and long term link building technique, there is no way that a website could make money even if its product are the best product online, or its service is simply excellent. If no improvement has been made in the search engine positioning, and no targeted web traffic coming to the website, will a website be able to survive?

Higher ranking is the most important thing for the any online business and post recent search engines algorithms updates, it can be achieved only by building quality backlinks.





Link Popularity Building is a term referring specifically to the popularity of a website when it addresses inbound links from other relevant websites.

Link popularity is a vital tool that helps a website to perform well in search engines and to gain authority, yet expressly requires sound service knowledge and experience which only established seo professionals can provide.

A surefire way to link popularity building is to look for permanent links on relevant niches web pages, as this will help in driving your target audience and getting high search engine rankings and positioning at the same time.


Links which are relevant aren’t a simple thing everyone can create much less knows how to input these codes to a website, content and other internet marketing tools that we are presently utilizing, hence seo professionals links providers essentials.

NetCom has leading seo link building experts assuredly help in doing text link advertising for our client’s websites that enhance popularity.

This comprises country and industry specific search engines and search directories as well drives generous website traffic, with increased visibility and promotion for online business. 


NetCom’s advanced seo and linkings professionals are aware of a couple of concepts that the search engines

including Google very likely use when they try to determine the value of links


Link velocity is the speed at which a site or a blog acquires new links. Weak seo’ers believe getting links too fast is “unnatural” and that Google will penalize websites that gathers links too quickly.

The real truth is just the opposite. A site that is quickly gaining links is “hot” and popular.

What if you were on Larry King’s and he posted a link to your website?

Don’t you think that you’d get links very quickly, and these links would be natural? You could easily have 10,000’s of links basically overnight naturally.


Link Decay is sort of the opposite of link velocity and is the theory that how fast website loses links influences your rankings.

If a website gets 1000 links really fast, then a month later only has 500 links, and a month after that, it only has 100 links, we may assume that other webmasters have been deleting links to that site.

Seo professionals are more likely to say this is a factor of link velocity slowing down and/or a case of excessive link decay, causing search engines ranking to fall, not some newbie theory about what’s “natural”.

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The Truth is,

You need to get quality back links quickly,

Keep growing and get the links to “Stick“ if you want long lasting

high ranking & better search engines positioning 

Links building techniques has taken years of research to gives you the ability to:

  • Add links quickly to benefit from link velocity
  • Gives the options so you can continue to add to your links in massive numbers
  • Let you collect links that will stick to avoid link decay
  • Ensure your site will ranked well and gain better search engines positioning

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