Claim Your Very Own..

Advanced, Highly Professional, Automated Customers Acquisition & Sales Generating e-Commerce Online Store Set Up For You Starting Today!


Concluding online target audiences for your niche store. How we differs yours from competitive websites? Projected global and local search visitors and buyers volume, trends, products content relevancy or market saturation


Competition analysis serves a vital purpose in this volatile virtual world. It’s associated to business concepts and market saturation and permits to discover how to better compete in a niche market


We cover all aspects of Google Analytics, from initial setup to custom advanced tracking solutions to analyze every e-commerce, cart and sales funnels elements and modifying if needed to better convert prospects into customers.


Only ‘white-hat‘ seo and super advanced internet marketing techniques. We have listed the best sellers, only hottest products that are selling today, yes, your entire search engine optimized store’s product line ready to sell.


Trillion Dollar

e-Commerce is THE biggest opportunity for making money online.

Global retail eCom sales are on pace to continue to grow to $4.5 TRILLION by 2021…

…and there are no signs of it slowing down.


eCommerce Growth Is..

Disrupting Retail Stores!


As more people all over the world go online to buy products, the opportunity is bigger than ever for you to make 5 figures, 6 figures, or even 7 figures and beyond with e-Commerce online optimized store

All you need to do is Plug In and get started.

So ..Why

Most People Struggle

To Make Money With eCom?

Simply because this e-Commerce online business Store’s concept takes a lot of SEO knowledge, marketing experiences and know-how, time and money.

You can use various of online services and platforms that offers tools like Shopify and not only that charges a monthly fee ..and you’ll have to build everything on your own.

There’s .. A Proven and A Much Easier Way!

DropShipping Success Stories


Before Offered!

You see, although that it can be quite easy to build a simple website using all the services offered online,

..A professional online business that is planned and built based on an advanced, proved and fully, 100% search engine optimized filled with premium best converting products that reflects deep research and knowledge in the interwebs users shopping behavioral analysis resulting in highly converting e-commerce sales funnel,

..Is one of the most difficult business models to understand, to plan, create ..even to copy.

That’s may be the reason why there are so many website’s online businesses out there that will never make any ‘real’ money and that will forever stands still, yes, just like an online visit card

..While on the other end,

You can see a well oiled sales funnels machines that represents highly professional, tested for better conversions and complete search engine’s (SEO) marketing plan leading to new paying customers everyday to their online business gates, over and over again.


The Next Person To Join

You see, over the years, we have tested all online business and sales funnels models while implementing various marketing strategies to finally create multiple profitable online businesses.

Each one of them has made money and still is, some as little as $2,500 – 9.300 for downloading an information product using the one time payment model, and others has made well over $150,000 for a fully optimized e-commerce model which is the exact proven model this letter is all about


Into Success

Simply because this e-Commerce online business Store’s concept has a winning and fully optimized sales mechanism that perfectly suits valued products lines, the winning e-store’s sites online business model.

Oh.. and as much that i have learned much form failures, I wish i had been steered away from online businesses failures 😉

Owning This Online Business Model is..
The Best Thing that Could Have Ever Happen to You!


e-Commerce Design

Customized, Proven & The Most Converting Responsive e-Commerce Niches Designs

Over the years, we have customized and tested so many themes designed specifically for e-commerce online business sites to finally find the winning responsive theme, and you will get a customized, most suitable one based for your niche e-commerce online business.


Done For You

The most advanced and successful internet marketing gurus owns such businesses simply because an online business that is built upon a planned and  professionally executed SEO marketing strategy  is the ultimate money making, residual income online business model ever!

..And I can testify based on years of online businesses experiences of products and software development, consulting services, sales funnels creations and marketing online via the exact e-commerce model presented here, that it is very possible and highly likely to profit from the ultimate online business model,

We made this the most professional and complete custom built online business  ever been offered in a package.

..And the reason to invest in yours today, is so you immediately get onto the top league.

Instead of spending 10K, 15K even 20K spent to build such a business. Months or even years learning, creating, managing and testing business conversions, that’s if you’d like to do it yourself.

and finally creating an online business with its appropriate search engine optimization (SEO) as a long lasting marketing strategy.


Lucrative and Optimized Business


For Better Conversions

Proven Profitable


Pick yours or choose from a list of proven sellers available niches sample list above.


We will research domain names ideas so you will get the right domain for your eCom store.


We will design a professional logo based on your domain and get your e-store Branded.


The best and reliable open-source eCommerce management platform. Everything you need to create, scale and run your online business.


The most advanced, beautiful, converting, powerful ..and search engine optimized responsive eCom online store theme ever.


We will plan a professional eCom SEO structure that allows to rank higher for top keywords, enhance users experience, branding and conversions.


We will conduct deep and full research on most whole-sellers marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, AliBaba Group etc.) to find and add ONLY the best converting products onto your e-store.


We will optimized 120 products for you for social media networks and search engines with UNIQUE titles, descriptions, custom images along with informative and transactional targeted keywords to generate with time Free Traffic!


We will add, setup and test your payment gateway from credit card processing to your PayPal account.

$ ..?

Firstly rest assured that all online businesses packages will have EXACTLY the same professional look and feel as our own.

These are the same e-commerce SEO marketing model that allow us to profit over the last years, and that’s EXACTLY the same business model you are going to get when you invest in your new custom built online business below.

..So.. Pretty sure by now you just want to know the bottom line…

I really don’t want you to just take my word for it. I want you to decide, so ask yourself this:

How much is having the ability to save the time and failures required to gain the knowledge to building such business from scratch, to turn your world up side down, to claim ownership on such a professional SEO marketing model e-commerce store which in return, can easily turn into a nice additional amount of cash every month, worth?

Only YOU know the answer to that question… So think about it for a minute.

I also know for sure that you haven’t been offered such professional sales funnel and online business package simply because NO guru out there will practically give up his winning business structure and model, because i’ve been where you are now, and I’ll never forget it.

I’m offering you something that no-one on the internet ever offered, or will offer you!

..And I’m not going even to charge for the total value of such custom built online business… In fact, you’ll get an entire niche online business package with everything included for the lowest price as possible which represent a fraction of the real price tag i am charging my company clients, ..even the two months time that it takes to plan, build it from scratch, test everything prior to delivery.

‘InterWebs Marketing Alchemy

Bonus: Free Access to Superior Training


Basics and techniques of online business and setting up automated business’s systems.


Learn the basic SEO steps to achieve higher positioning in the search engines results pages.

NOTE: The above training is offered as a Bonus to you and it will help you to expend your knowledge in the inter webs SEO marketing as a proud owner of a custom built online business!

Master and Control Your Future

I’m taking all the risk and i’m giving you 14 day risk-free money back guarantee.on your payment today. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, all you have to do is contact me within 14 days of delivery for a full and prompt refund.
No questions and no hoops to jump through. I can’t be any more fair than that,
..Invest For Yourself,get started right now.

Choose Your Niche and Own,
The Most Lucrative & Profitable Online Business Model

A Well Researched, Custom Built, Fully Functional with Highly Converting Products, 100% Search Engine Optimized Traffic Getting System e-Commerce Online Store.

However, if you would like to get notified about available places as soon as we reopen,

click the button below to open a support ticket, and..

Frequently Asked Question

Read Carefully Before Joining This Program
Your Rights

Your Rights

You will get instant ownership certification on everything included in the custom built e-store package so you will be able to immediately start selling.

You will get an ownership license certification for the theme used, e-store software management and on all the software extensions added, logo and custom graphics, ..everything is legally yours.

I Am Not Tech...

I Am Not Tech Savvy and Worried That I May Not Understand

As much that any professional online business owner or marketer will be happy to have my custom built online e-commerce store (..and many have), my aim is to help new comers and this is exactly why I created this program!

So with this program you will save the time and definitely save failures and money. You will have an online e-store business comparable and probably better optimized,  or at least alike the most profitable commerce brands thus you’ll need less time and effort to make a profit for years to come.

..And if you do have any questions I am only a click away to help you with any question or challenge you might encounter.

I have Chosen...

I have Chosen My Online e-Store Business Niche and Completed the First Payment, What Do I Do Now? 

Please open a ticket here under “Ziki De Naim – Contact” category and include:

  1. Your Name.
  2. Your best email address.
  3. Skype handle.
  4. Paypal transaction ID.
  5. Your comments.

As soon as i’ll get the information needed, i’ll promptly respond in order to schedule Skype call where i will explain everything and answer to any of your questions. Soon after, we will immediately start working on your new online e-store business and will keep you posted on the progress by email.

When Can I...

When Can I Start Using My Business?

We are offering you a custom solution created form scratch so developing, designing and testing does take time so, .. completion is typically takes weeks.

Average order takes between 7 to 10 weeks from starting point to testing and completion before delivery, so in this time frame you will have your custom built e-commerce store online business up and running, ..and ready to profit, ..or probably profiting already.

Also in this time frame, you will be granted access to the members dashboard so if you would like, you can start learning all about SEO and marketing online from the offered bonus video training.



Here’s how it works… 

  • Down Payment – $497,00 paid immediately via Paypal when ordering your e-commerce store business allowing us to get acquainted, start the research process,   ..and starts your Down Payment – 14 day money back guarantee!


  • 1st. Installment of $1,750 will be paid during the first 14 days via Paypal allowing us to sign the e-store development agreement and to start to build your e-store.


  • 2nd. Installment of $1,750 will be paid upon completion of the project and before handing you everything that is included in that e-store package.

Once e-store development agreement is signed, payments are not refundable.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

I hope that you will absolutely love your new e-commerce store! However, you’re fully protected by a 100% money-back return policy.  Here’s how it works… 

Down Payment – Full 14 Day Refund Policy!

If for whatever reason, you are dissatisfied at any time during the first 14 days after paying the first installment of $497,00, simply ask for a refund.

Immediately after, all your licenses will be automatically revoked along with your access to the members dashboard.

You are entitled to a full refund for your NetCom Marketing Inc. purchases up to 14 days from the payment day. You will get your money back. That’s a firm promise and commitment.

Once e-store development agreement is signed, payments are not refundable.

Agreement & Guarantee

Agreement & Support

Once we completed the entire business building process, we will have Skype screen sharing call and have a final review where we will make sure everything is up and running to highest standards.

After the final review, you will sign a contract that confirms that we have fulfilled our services ..and the 30 day free email/skype personal support period starts.

30 Day Free Email/Skype Support

When joining our program, you’re entitled to 30 day personal email/Skype support, so should you have questions or require any assistance during these 30 days, i’m only a click away, re-open your support ticket and i will promptly respond.

Please note that as a marketing strategist for start-ups companies, i’m charging $200 per hour for a consultation though when joining this program, you can have up to 2 hours free of additional charge, me beside you responding to your questions, showing you EXACTLY what and how to do, better, i will show you exactly  – Step by Step process of finding and adding new search engine optimized products, and giving you my best advices and my best SEO secrets strategies.

Disclaimer: We don’t believe in get rich programs – only in hard work, adding value, dedication and serving others to reach your goals. Our programs are intended to help us share our message with a wider audience and to make a difference in the world while growing our business. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We don’t know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We just want to help by giving great content, direction and strategies that move you forward, faster. Nothing on this website or any of our websites is a promise or guarantee of future earnings. Any financial numbers referenced or featured results on this page, or on any of our websites, are simply estimates or projections, or are extraordinary results from hard work, commitment and dedication by following through and taking action, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings. All of our terms, privacy policies and disclaimers for all of our programs and events can be accessed via the links below. We think these disclaimers are important and we post them because it’s the right thing to do.

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