Blog Comments: How to Build Links Using Blog Commenting Services The Right Way?

Blog commenting also holds a lot of importance for your website. It is relevant from the viewpoint of attracting more visitors to your website and converting them into potential clients. However blog commenting with a link leading to your website can also help in back linking that indirectly helps to increase the search engine rankings. A blog about a particular subject is set up by blog owners to provide information and developments on a particular topic. Hence it is important to find blogs that are connected with the information on your website.

Bloggers encourage feedback from members of the blogs and this feedback is also promoted. Many blog owners today promote commenting as well and they remove the no follow attribute that several PHP scripts automatically place as far as search engines are concerned about. However today blogs that have high number of comments on their post have better search engine rankings and this is one of the major reasons why blog owners invite comments from members.

Blog commenting, if done correctly can help in search engine optimization. In case a blog with a no follow attribute removed is found by the search engine, then the comments posted by members help in rankings if the script helps in setting the link out. Additionally links leading to your website can actually serve as in roads to your site for visitors and potential customers. However your comments should be relevant to the original post. They should be insightful and invite the reader to find out more information through your website. Hence blog commenting can bring extra traffic to your website. It is also a form of social bookmarking.

As far as possible you should avoid hiring blog commenting services as they normally rely on shortcut methods that don’t bring any benefits. The quality of the comments in such services is not up to the mark. These comments are lackluster and they may not relate to the original post at all. These comments are very short in size and they may have grammatical errors. Also your website’s creditability goes for a toss because of the click thru prices for paid comments.

You should also avoid the use of blog commenting software. This software does nothing but spam which could prove to be detrimental for your website. In such cases there is lack of relation of the comments to the original post. The posts by software can be easily tracked as spam comments. However the blog owners have become smart and strict and they will not allow such type of spammy and automatic comments. Comments by software are not at all effective.

Hence there is only one way to do blog commenting and that is honesty. You have to read the post and then you have to insert comments that are relevant to the posts. Do not put links just for the sake of putting them. Read the original posts well and then write your comments well. Genuine blog comments will not only win the faith of the blog owners but also bring popularity to your website.