How Building Links with Blog Commenting Services Will Increase Your Search Engine Position?

 Blog commenting is one of the best ways today to promote your website by inserting your website link in the blog. However your comments should be informative and relevant to the blog post. You can’t go on marketing your website anyhow. There are certain rules of the blog which you must follow.

Remember that it is quite difficult to insert good quality and relevant links for your website. Overdoing this can result in a ban not only in the blog but also on search engines as well. However search engines like Google have said that building links to your website on related sites will definitely improve the rankings.

The first thing that you can do is to have keyword list ready and then you have to include these keywords in the links. You should try to find keywords that are not very common but still can get your website a good rank.

You have to go on thinking and exploring new keywords. The next step is blog commenting, to find a blog that is relevant to your website and keywords. You can simply go to Google and type something such as blogname+your keyword. This will bring up those blogs that are relevant to your keywords. From this list you should narrow down on those blogs which have high search engine rankings.

Next, you can pick up the highest ranked blog and then go through the whole blog. Find out if it will accept comments with links at the end of the post. In case it accepts comments then you can register as a member on that blog. Most of the blogs today have a separate comments box where you can insert your name, URL, email address and the comment. In case there is no comment facility provided in that blog then you should search for another blog that has the comments feature.

Remember to fill in all the details boxes before you post your comments in a blog. Put in your name, email address and your website URL and then proceed to write the comment. Your comments should contain relevant and valuable information. It should entice the reader to read more information on the website. Don’t try to be a hard core salesman but act like an advisor. Remember that all the comments will be moderated by someone or the other. Hence it is best to write comments and insert links from their approval point of view.

Remember to also use the Facebook and Twitter buttons in the blog. These are social media websites that have millions of people as members. When your comment gets approved, you will get more sites where people will see your links and click on them. You can even bookmark your site and gradually you will start building relationships that will be fruitful for you. Don’t expect immediate results. It will take time before your website starts featuring in search engines. Normally it may take 3 months for your website to feature in search engines using blog commenting techniques.