Link Building Technique: How To Easily Get Links To Your Website?

Linking is one of the most important aspects for successful SEO. The more links you put in different sources the better are the chances of your website getting high rankings as well as getting quality traffic. This can lead to more sales and hence more revenues. There are many ways to include links leading to your website.

Let us have a look at some of them. The first thing that you can do is write informative articles with your website link at the end of the article and then post them to directories. Another way is make an agreement with whoever is tying up with you as your business partner to include your website link in their site as well.

Many people today make use of web based PR where they make use of the traditional PR skills. This is a less expensive and cost effective way to access conventional magazine editors and news directories. There are also services where you can announce about your website by including a website link. One good example is URL Wire which is a website in which you can announce and mention about your own website.

Today search engines regard blogs as their best friend. So you should not miss out on a blog for writing content as well as adding links. Blogs are today the most popular way of recruiting links. However many blogs don’t allow a lot of promotion and hence you should read the terms and conditions of the blogs correctly.

You should also learn to make use of tags and how you can implement them in important blogs such as Technorati. You can also ask visitors to your website to link to you in any way they can. However you should not force them. Maybe you can simply put a button on your website saying “Add us to your website”. If your website is good and helpful then there are many people who will agree to link to you.

In case you publish articles related to your website regularly or you have a blog then you should definitely think of content syndication using RSS feeds. This effort will help increase your website’s exposure with the visitors. You can even submit your content to Web 2.0, RSS directories. All of these will serve as a good link to your website.

You should also remember to submit your content with links to quality directories such as Open Directory Project and Yahoo. You can also submit your listings to Yellow Pages of your local area and similar directories. You can even ask for links from other websites. You can contact these websites and prove to them why linking to your website will be advantageous for them.

You should ideally refrain from doing things that could hamper your website’s reputation. These activities include purchasing links for increasing your ranking in search engines. In case you want to buy the links then you should buy them only for the purpose of traffic that you can expect from other websites.

You should play around with varying your content as well as titles, links, descriptions, keywords and anchor text. The more you rotate these aspects the more are your chances of making it on the top in search engines. You can also post to your blog several times a week as Google declares blogs its favorite destination. You can then bookmark your content on the blog for extra backlink flow.

Tools like Digi Traffic Accelerator can do the bookmark process for you automatically and it will generate about 500 incoming links in about an hour.