SEO Best Practices & Tips – How to Add Meta Keywords?

SEO Tips: Apart from including main keywords in the content of your website you should also concentrate on meta keywords as they can also get your significant results.

You can add meta keywords to your page source in the background of the webpage. You can get excellent results in the search engines if you use the meta keywords wisely. When you add keywords to the background of the page or the invisible part of your website, then these keywords can really get significant results behind the scenes.

In order to add meta keywords, all you have to do is right click on the web page and then select view source. You will see a loot of code throughout the page. There are 4 spots here that are most important. The first spot is:

<Meta name= robots content=”index, follow”/>

This meta tag helps the search engines to index your home page which is the most important page in your website. The robot interprets the word index as your website’s home page. Follow refers to crawl to you home page, store all important information and then share it with people who are searching for content related to your website.

The second spot is :

<Meta name=”description” content=”

This refers to the description of your website and what it offers. You can see page descriptions when you conduct a search.

The third spot is :

<Meta name keywords=”keyword” content=”

This refers to the keywords that describe your website. You can insert multiple keywords but they should all be separated by a comma. Through the keywords, the search engine comes to know what your content is all about. It is necessary that you research the keywords before you include them as meta tags. They should be relevant to the content in the webpage.

As far as possible, you should think of using keywords that have less competition and try no to go for those keywords that everyone else is using.

Once you have added the keywords to the background of the webpage, it is now time to work on the front part. Here you can add the most important keywords in the opening part of the webpage. However be careful that you don’t overdo putting keywords as it can get your website flagged. Hence the best way to add keywords in the front is to write content that the visitors will find useful and then insert the appropriate keywords at the right places.

You should also put the proper keywords in the title of all webpages. Do not forget to put the keywords in the header tags as well. Your webpages should ideally include anchor links with the right keywords to lead the visitors to lead to other relevant pages in the website or to important information outside the website.

There are many people who believe that meta keywords don’t do much for the SEO, however this is not true. These keywords in the background are as important as the content in the front end of the website.