The goal of every entrepreneur, online business owner or webmaster is to increase targeted web traffic as this is the only way that they will certainly make money online. 

If there are no visitors to a site, there is no way they could make a sale. So every entrepreneur tries to hire seo professionals to do the work of branding and creating web presence.

Ranking high at the top of the search engine results pages is not easy as thousands of well optimized websites fight tooth and nail to ensure they get to the top 10 spot. The following are methods use by everyone in the internet to get web traffic.

To ensure the success of your business online, you must create an internet marketing concept,  business strategy and progressive seo plan that is guided by the following components:




  • Search engine optimization (seo).
  • Pay per click (ppc) campaigns.
  • Article marketing and content syndication.
  • Video creation and marketing.
  • Social networking.
  • Social bookmarking.
  • Various link building techniques.
  • Web 2.0 optimized properties creation.
  • Web 2.0 optimized profiles creation.
  • Unique content WordPress blogs.
  • Blog comments and forum marketing.
  • Affiliate management and marketing.





All of the above are just some of the many ways to get you the website traffic that you desperately need to survive in the world wide web. We now know that building up targeted traffic and high rankings for a website doesn’t happen overnight. Search engine optimization (seo), search engine marketing (sem) and website promotion must be done consistently over time, but the results are well worthwhile in the long run.

Increasing search terms ranking, search engines results pages positioning and having a consistent stream of search strings targeted web traffic is not something which can be done all at once. One can not do a little bit now and then “make up for lost time” later on. This is why we offer long term seo professionals services at affordable rates. It takes long-term and consistent application of keyword research and search engine optimization proven techniques, which include updating your website with high-quality search engine optimized, users friendly and engaging unique content, gradually and consistently building external links to any online business with article marketing, social networking, video marketing, content syndication and more..

..And that is where

NetCom’s SEO Professionals and Internet Marketing Strategists comes in!  


We have spent countless hours working out the ins and outs to find out how we could offer seo and web traffic services and ultimate solutions at affordable rates, while still including all of the most important solid seo and sem techniques which have been known to get long-term results to any online business. 

We can also add custom services to your website traffic solution package, suited specifically to your online business and long-term goals which will help web traffic to expand at an even greater rate.

To qualify for NetCom’s web traffic services, your website should be of good quality and offer valuable information to its readers. Think of your website like an aspiring actor – if the actor has great talent and can put on good performances, it is just a matter of promoting him to the right people and to get him into businesses. But if the actor lacks skill, bores his audience, or even worse – doesn’t even bother to appear on the stage, there would be little point in promoting that actor, and any promotion that would be done would not get very far.


That’s why your website will need to pass a quality check before being accepted for our seo and web traffic services. It should be running on WordPress platform or at least should include a blog running on WordPress. It should also have useful and quality unique content, and it should be set up in a standard manner with no major errors. But don’t worry – if your website needs a bit more work to bring it up to snuff before long term search engine optimization process begins, we can help you with that too!

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You can have a look at the included features in our Complete Search Engine Marketing solution below, but please note that these web traffic, seo and marketing solutions will be customized as needed to suit your online businesses and your goals, ..and as we recognize that every website and webmaster is different, the following serves as a rough outline but will be adjusted as necessary for individual websites.


Proper statistics and analysis tracking is set up for any website using servers and Google analytics. We track global search terms ranking and search engines positioning, website and inner pages  performances, visitors statistics and monthly reporting where it stands.


Ensuring that your WordPress blog is set up properly for optimum seo, including meta data tags (title, description and keywords) using our unique meta code generator that will prioritize your site in the search engine for better ranking.


Search engine optimized unique content of 500+ word blog posts posted weekly to your websites blog,  linked to products or services with crafted, relevant and engaging unique content that is appealing and useful both to visitors and the search engines.


Updating Google-friendly sitemap (xml sitemap), automatic database backups, search engine-friendly url’s, automatic pinging of numerous websites each time a new post is published and RSS feed management and more.


We ensure that your WordPress blog has all the important, necessary plugin’s and we will add our custom plugin’s for web 2.0 content syndication, supplemental RSS syndication, and video lead generators sales funnels entry pages.


Website submission to high page rank global and locals directories and search engines while optimizing sites titles, keywords & multiple seo descriptions versions, to be listed in the appropriate category including a back-link to increase targeted traffic.


Search engine optimized unique content of 500+ word articles and submission to high page rank articles directories with links back to your website in the optimized author descriptive resource box.


After the article is published on the article directories, other webmasters will have the opportunity to publish this article on their own websites including the seo resource box and links. A proven way for website traffic.


Each piece of content will be syndicated to up to seven newly created web 2.0 properties using sites keywords on high page rank authority platforms. Each of these back-links is highly considered by the search engines.


Websites content (pages, blog posts, articles, videos, images, etc.) syndicated through social media channels – social news sites such as Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+1 or Facebook fun pages amongst others. (Content must pass quality-control first).


Next in the internet marketing strategy’s agenda is to make websites presence felt in the search engines results pages (serp), and using bookmarking services to accordingly bookmark the previously created links will definitely increase targeted web traffic.


Keyword research and competition analysis using advanced research tools. The information can then be used to determine the subject matter of content syndication campaigns, proper linking structure, and overall long-term off page links building strategy.


Backlinks from high page rank web 2.0 properties that will get backlinks from social bookmark (SB) and RSS directories,  maximizing link power. This service alone can boost search engine position to the top, even for  new sites that have low to medium competition.


Is another proven way to increase website traffic so you will get approved Blog Comments links package – comments are always rational and don’t get removed by the blogger or moderator so you will be getting quality/related comment links that will stick.


Setting up relevant profiles on high page rank authority forums, and ensure website’s links and other relevant data are included, and we will make sure you are grooved in on how to utilize these forum profiles to build up connections and targeted website visitors.


Setting up relevant custom alchemy plugins to increase websites conversions. These plugin were developed by NetCom and include lead generators, social & video marketing, content syndication, sales funnels entry pages creation, and affiliate marketing.


Netcom Marketing’s video marketing team specialized in creating quality promotional or tutorials videos. The videos length are between 30 seconds up to a few minutes and they can be used to promote your products or services and for re-branding purposes.


Creations of search engine optimized video and content channels on high page rank, trafficked video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and others. Those video channels will have optimized descriptions about your products or services linking back to your site.

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